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Healthcare Collections

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Health related collection accounts are different than other types of accounts
- e.g. charge card, department store, bad checks, etc.

Here at Eagle we implement many different styles of collecting an account depending upon the type of debt.  Healthcare accounts are unique and require special attention and experience.

When an account is placed with us for collection, the most common objection that we hear from the patient is "My insurance is supposed to pay for that".
Rather than telling the patient to pay the bill, we engage the patient in a conference call with their insurance company.

If you think about it, the insurance company is in the best position to explain the coverage to the patient.

We collect from the insurance companies when claims have been billed incorrectly or lack information. Other times we will collect because the patient failed to respond to a questionnaire regarding co-insurance or accident or illness.

It is through these conference calls that many of these issues can be resolved to the patient's satisfaction. Also when there is no coverage the patient then understands why the outstanding balance is their responsibility.

In many cases, if the money is not collected from the insurance company, it will never be collected from the patient due to their inability to pay.
Our collectors are totally familiar with the many insurance programs available to your patient. Our Healthcare Collection Specialists really make a difference in collection recoveries and patient goodwill.

Just contact Sales and Marketing - (262) 691-9100 x10. Tell us the number of accounts and total dollars that you have ready for placement now. Also, tell us the estimated number of accounts and dollars that would be placed on a regular basis (weekly, monthly or annually.)

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